Want brighter skin? Bright on!

Want brighter skin? Bright on!

Just launched at Jeunesse University Hollywood, Luminesce® Flawless Skin Brightener is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

This advanced brightening formula reduces the appearance of dark spots and discoloration, evens the look of overall skin tone, refines the look of pores and hydrates skin. Perfect timing for summer skin!

Did You Know?
Skin-brightening products are an emerging category in the $11 billion U.S. prestige beauty market. There’s never been a better time to welcome this product into the Luminesce family and into your business!

Developed by board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Nathan Newman, this unique formula includes carefully selected ingredients such as Ascorbyl Glucoside, Niacinamide, Tranexamic Acid, Achillea Millefolium extract and Tremella Fuciformis (Silver Ear) Mushroom extract. This lightweight, non-greasy and synergistic formula boosts youthful radiance and awakens the transformation of your beautiful skin.

All of the NO’s you need to get the YES you want!

The Luminesce Difference:
No sun sensitivity
No harsh or drying chemicals
No peeling
No hydroquinone
No phthalates, parabens or sulfates

Key Benefits:
• Lightens the appearance of dark spots, discoloration and the look of overall skin tone.
• Reduces the appearance of pores for smooth and glowing skin.
• Illuminates and hydrates skin with Silver Ear, the mushroom extract of Tremella Fuciformis.
• Promotes a supple look and provides the appearance of even skin tone for age-defying beauty.

Experience the pleasure of truly stunning skin with Luminesce Flawless Skin Brightener!



Skin Protection in Summer

                                                  Skin Protection in Summer
Skin protection is important, especially during the summer months. Most folks are 13494939_1098342410256921_815085236007155810_nconcerned about getting a sunburn, but the after effects of sunburn are also important.http://Skin protection
There are short-term effects and long-term effects of sunburn for the skin, and unless you protect your skin properly you could end up damaging your skin.
Here are a few challenges that your skin will be up against during the hot summer months.
Here are a few challenges that your skin will be up against during the hot summer months.
1. Dehydration. It’s not just the heat, it’s the lack of moisture in the skin. Drink plenty of water and use a moisturizer.
2. Wrinkles. Did you know that dehydrated skin can suffer from wrinkles, lines, and other problems? Don’t give your skin time to become dehydrated. If you do, your skin will begin to age faster.
3. Scaling. Did you know that sunburn often results in scaly skin? The more burn your skin is, the more risk you run of peeling skin. The skin can become scaly after a few weeks, and will continue to flake off. Stay hydrated.
4. Skin cancer. The worst can result from long-term exposure to the Sun. Keep your time in the Sun short and sweet.

You’ll reduce the harmful risks mentioned above, but more than that, you’ll reduce your risk of skin cancer.

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10 Amazing beauty products for 2016

Jeunesse is home to some of the best beauty products 2016.

With an extensive line of cosmetic, beautification, skincare, and weight-management supplements – this globally-renowned brand continues to receive stellar industry ratings and client reviews. Whether looking to enhance skin performance or remove daily acne and blemishes, the following products have been highly praised and heralded across the industry.

Instantly Ageless                                  

Instantly Ageless is a popular and powerful anti-wrinkle micro-cream that diminishes the visible signs of aging. This amazing skincare product also restores natural skin shine and vibrancy for years to come. Simply use as directed to secure a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance. This product tackles skin acne, blemishes, dark circles, Crow’s feet, and so many more common and intricate issues.


LUMINESCE is a powerful skincare product that helps tackle old-aging and epidermal issues. This includes acne, along with spots, Crow’s Feet, laugh lines and so much more. As a scientifically proven product with a smooth mix of topical solutions and vitamins, customers across the world continue to praise this product for delivering timely and effective results. If looking for the fountain of youth, LUMINESCE will truly meet all your skincare needs and goals.

There are several products under the Jeunesse umbrella that continue to help people look and feel great. This includes but is not limited to:

Cellular Rejuvenation Cream

This product helps bring out your skin’s natural shine and glow. As an effective serum and dermatologist recommended product – enhance your beauty while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles for a more radiant look.

Daily Moisturizing Complex

This popular moisturizing complex protects skin daily with natural fruit and legume extracts. Formulated with APT-200, the complex skincare solution will truly keep the epidermis looking vibrant and healthy all day and night long.

Advanced Night Repair

This product replenishes and restores your skin while you sleep. It is full of essential antioxidants and hydrating ingredients that keep the skin nice, healthy and moist.

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Skin Hydration For Summer

Everyone should ensure that they are getting proper skin hydration if they want healthier and younger looking skin. The skin is the largest organ, but people don’t realize how 12003012_961114990617636_1652489368936155714_nmuch they truly neglect their skin, especially as they age.
Here are some tips you can use to ensure you get proper skin hydration.
1. Abandon long, hot showers. Did you know that heat is not a friend of your skin? Heat for   lengthy periods of time can really damage your skin. This is also true of long, hot showers. Hot showers will rid your skin of the natural oils, causing your skin to dry out. Cool showers are in!retail-cleanser
2. Exfoliation or moisturize? Exfoliating the skin is important, because you need to get rid of those dead outer layers of skin on a regular basis. This allows healthy, new skin cells to generate. Moisturizing after exfoliation is equally important, a moisturizer should be used every day to keep your skin from getting dry. This isn’t always about age, but it’s also about environment!
3. Humidify! Did you know that running a humidifier overnight will help you breathe better, but this will also ease itchy skin? Run a humidifier every night to give you a better night’s sleep and with great results for your respiratory system and keeping your skin from getting too scaly!
4. Use a great toner. There are tons of great toners on the market, but using any toner with peppermint, rose, sage, and other natural ingredients is helpful for restoring balance to your skin and waking it up. A toner is a great follow-up after using a cleanser.
5. Use a loofah. Using a loofah is a great way to help you gently exfoliate the skin. Any skin that is dry can be gently exfoliated when using a loofah, and it will help keep rough and bumpy skin under control as well.

There are so many more tips I could give you, but you’ll find tons of helpful information on my blog here. I hope that you enjoyed this tips on proper skin hydration!

With warmest wishes,
Sally Magnusson.

Can You Look Instantly Ageless?

Can You Look Instantly Ageless?

Have you ever wanted to look instantly ageless? As it turns out, you can! Here’s a true story that happened not long ago.

I went to get my hair done a few weeks ago, and the hairdresser that was available isn’t the same lady that I had before.

We were chatting about aging, and the secret to looking younger. We were talking about skincare and what we used. When she asked me how old I was, I told her that I was 28.

Naturally, I was kidding.

I’m not anywhere close to 28 years of age. In fact, I’m not even close to 40! However, she didn’t know that. We started to laugh at each other.

She told me that I did look a lot younger than my true age. When she asked me what I used to keep my skin looking young, I shared with her that I used a product called Instantly Ageless”.

As we continued to chat, a lady next to me was getting her hair colored. She was 82 years old, and was very curious about what I was using.

I told her about the cream I was using, and about the company that markets the product. She had no idea who Jeunesse Global was, but I told her all about it.

The biggest surprise for her was when I pulled the cream out of my handbag and handed it to her to try. She looked at me with shock. (Yes, I take this stuff everywhere because it’s so amazing!)

I told her to put the cream on one half of her face, and after two minutes she would be able to see the difference. She was up for the challenge.

I timed it carefully….                                            

So, after two minutes she could see the change. One half of her face literally looked younger, and it was the most amazing transformation.

See the results for yourself.