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Age – as well as agelessness – has to do with perspective and health.

Age  – as well as agelessness – has to do with perspective and health.

Your perspective needs to among interest and curiosity: passion in individuals around you, in discovering, in present events, a craft, gardening, electric motor sports, angling, reading …

As long as your passions are lawful and also not obsessive or violent, I don’t think it truly matters what they are. In my experience, those with a large range of passions are lively, excellent business and also they keep their youthful vigor for a very far time.age 1

It is without a doubt simpler to follow your passions and keep energetic if you can keep your health. The key to preventing acquiring old before your time is therefore to keep, or to acquire, as fit as you can.

Unfortunately it is a lot easier to keep your health and fitness levels than it is to obtain back shed health and fitness, so it is necessary that you start on a healthier and fitter program once you can. You should be extra cautious about just how you go around enhancing the scenario if your fitness has currently slid so that any kind of workout takes a wonderful offer of initiative.

Excessive of the wrong kind of physical exercise might risk of injury or perhaps a cardiovascular disease, however equally as importantly is likely to place you off exercise entirely.

If you don’t take pleasure in exercising it is quite extremely unlikely that you’ll keep it up.

Start with something that you could appreciate which you could accomplish. Strolling suits the expense for many individuals: you don’t neage 5ed special devices, as well as you could start quite carefully and accumulate your toughness and also stamina very quickly.

Most importantly you can connect in strolling to factors that you appreciate, whether that is a walk through town or in the nation.

When you begin acquiring fitter, the advantages to the top quality of your life become very clear. So do not delay. Discover something you appreciate doing and begin today!

It is without a doubt much easier to follow your passions and keep active if you can keep your health.

Sadly it is a lot easier to keep your health and fitness degrees compared to it is to acquire back lost physical fitness, so it is necessary that you begin on a healthier and trimmer regime as quickly as you can.

You could view they are discovering the physical exercise a trial instead compared to an enjoyable obstacle, and also if you do not take pleasure in exercising it is extremely unlikely that you’ll keep it up.


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Nov 02

Happiness is usually ……..

  Happiness is usually the result of individual perception and interpretation of events and situations.

We can not always control how we perceive things, we can pretty much control how we react.
We usually encounter in certain situations because of the decisions we make, and our actions.
We can to a large extent control whether we are happy or not.
We can not always control how we perceive things, we can pretty much control how we react.

Here are some examples of how you can increase your happiness and maintain it as the guy you envy.

                                  Do not try to please others.



Try to make yourself not care about what others think of you

It is essential that you are comfortable in you, not what others think.

Stand and take decisions by them and live life the way you want it.
Do not make yourself out to let other loves you.
In addition to abide by the law. Follow your insights and convictions.
If you believe that any decision is correct, then trust that it is correct.
You do not do something just because someone tells you to do so.


                                  Do not rely on friends

It is necessary to have good friends who you love and who love you, But it is good to note that you are not them and they are not you.

Friends have their own desires and needs they usually put a priority.
If you rely too heavily on your friends then they will no doubt disappoint you, even if they intend not to.Happy people are usually good friends, but they care about keeping their independence to avoid that they will be disappointed.

It is good to note that the lack of independence can destroy both friend relationships and romantic ones.
                                    Enjoy each day

When you ask a happy person what that means, it is unlikely that he will tell you about his job.healthy-living-31

It is more likely that he/she’ll tell you really what he/she is doing in life.
What project or travel is on the agenda, what he has achieved and what problems he is solving.
Furthermore, happy people are more likely to live in the now rather than waiting for the future.
I know it happens little unless you seek it and that is the key to happiness.
Enjoy each day and what it has to offer, it makes you happier
Do not fix you in one place

Happy people fix up pages down to a certain point. They will have the opportunity to travel and enjoy freedom.

Maybe simply because they were bored to be always in the same environment and would rather meet new people and experience new things.
When you ask these individuals where they live, it’s likely they’ll tell you that, but added, “right now” or “currently.” Do not put it for you to travel or move to another location if you don’t want to travel or move.
There is nothing impossible in this respect.


                              Do not fear death

You are more likely to be happier if you do not fear death. You can not control death, and therefore could not be afraid of death, you know

Those who are afraid of death are less likely to make their dreams come true.
Do not let your goals slip away.Imagine the world as a theater where you are the director. Take control of your own life in your hands and see the world as you want to see him.

You forge your own reality, some just were better in those projects than others.
Happy people have dreams, aspirations and goals. You can not live your life in endless waiting for the future.
The present is the only time that you live in.                             Do not change other

safe framtíðin

Do not try to change others, it never delivers the desired results and in the end you get disappointed .

People can always change, but they will have to do it on their own terms.
It is better to try to guide people and point out what you consider to be correct, but the sequel is in their hands.We can not always control how we perceive things, we can pretty much control how we react.

We can, to a large extent control whether we are happy or not.
Happy people are more likely to live in the now rather than waiting for the future.
Happy people realize that life is floating.
Take control of your own life in your hands and see the world as you want to see him.
With happy,love and light,

Oct 14

Have you ever intended to be newspaper publisher author?

Have you ever intended to be newspaper publisher author?

Now you can! Develop your very own complimentary cost-free online with!

I intend to discuss this amazing sources that I really found out about via Twitter.
From time to time someone on Twitter would tell me that my material had actually been seen someplace.

Once in a while somebody on Twitter would point out to me that my material has shown up somewhere.

So I began browsing to see where it was appearing , and as well it was being posted in other individuals websites.

This is the coolest factor I have actually ever seen before ! If you actually have wished to release post your own paper online, this is where to do it –


Curated Material at Its Finest Idea!

The amazing factor is, this material from various social media sites accounts that you have actually set up within

So I have my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts turned on, and also it curates material from your Twitter fans right into your paper.

Much Similar to other paper, it has areas in Innovation Modern technology, Company, Arts & Home entertainment Enjoyment, Video clips, and so on.

When it curates the material, it instantly puts positions that material in the right proper area.

All of us understand exactly how important and vital Twitter is to your company. benefits from making the most of capitalizing on the web links that you and your fans, as well as the people you follow ,share on Twitter, as well as shares it in the layout of a expert Daily Paper!

Sharing Your Paper

As soon as you share  your paper on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and so on, you’re not simply discussing your very own material, however you’re sharing the material of your social media sites organizations as well!

They’re most likely to share your material back when they view their material being shared!

Issuing Your Daily Information Throughout the Day

With the free complimentary model of you can upgrade your paper up to approximately 3 times a day. will instantly draw brand-new curated material right into your paper so it’s fresh, not simply on a daily basis,throughout the day.

It’s like having an Early morning Version, Mid-day Version as well Evening Version of your paper.

Connect “Juice” for Your Blog site

Clearly, sharing material throughout the ‘Net adds includes some web link, hyperlink to juice to your blog site, however much more significantly, it  helps to give  you some awareness from various other on the internet marketers, marketing experts, which might be searching for a new company,and chances of possibilities.


Including a Widget to Your Blog site additionally has a code you could copy, duplicate as well as paste right into a widget on your blog site or anywhere on your website. This actually includes some professionalism and trust to your website, as it reveals that you’re taking full advantage of on the internet on-line social networks.

paper 2
Required an Incentive to Create Even more Material?
Establish your own totally free online papers with! create new blog posts, post as well short article write-ups, you can include them to your paper a couple of few times a day as you publish post the most up to date problems of your paper.
As you create a  brand-new blog site, posts articles as well as short articles write-ups, you can include them to your paper a couple of times a day as you post the most recent problems concerns of your paper.

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Oct 03

Finding your Interest In Internet Marketing

Where Is Your Interest?

You have made a decision to create Online marketing, exactly what are the first steps?

Very first on your “to do” listing is to find within your interest.

Finding specific niche could be among the hardest steps in the whole procedure work of creating producing on the internet company.

Clickbank-subTips Pointers To Help In Finding Discovering A Specific niche

Firs procedure when it concerns pertains to involves specific niche, advertising and marketing is something you like. The trick key to finding particular niche do not believe you are the only person who likes subject. We are dealing with international market as our client base. There are substantial advantages in searching for, and also as well marketing, something you like. You’re thrilled delighted about it and also as well most probably you’ll have a back ground knowledge, understanding on the niche specific.

Some preliminary steps in the process work are:.

  • identify establish exactly just what you like and find out what others like and need
  • start study within those selected decided on areas locations to identify figure out establish the quantity of competitors & the variety of searches within the leading great online search engine.
  • study and to find targeted keywords to use within your projects as well on within your website tags.
  • locate a particular niche associated keyword phrase abundant domain. create a blog site/ website as the main focus of your business company.
  • create some specific niche associated and keyword articles short articles posts, publish post all at the same time for the best effect influence within the online search engine.

Discovering A Niche – You Have Chosen A Specific niche, Now Just what.

You picked your specific niche but you have no products to market. Visit is called a marketplace. A few of the preferred well-liked ones are:.

  • Paydotcom.

In these industries, you will certainly find discover locate individuals folks a lot more appropriately called, ” suppliers,” which have products items that you might want to wish and would like to market and as well as sell offer market.

Within your study, some suppliers have actually already created produced developed websites to promote advertise market your chosen on, specific niche associated products from. Several suppliers also offer provide supply free totally free complimentary cost-free affiliate associate member registration; you just sign up register as an affiliate member as well they will certainly split the profits of each sale you make. A lot of The majority of commissions payments range vary from 50 % to 75 %. –

A Specific niche A Item And A Website. Affiliate-Networks-top

Exactly what happens occurs takes place after you’ve found specific niche, items and website working?

You have to employ utilize use different numerous specific niche advertising and marketing approaches in order to get targeted website traffic, to make purchase buy. Different ways tools methods means to achieve complete this be to write create articles short articles posts.

When a specific niche, attempt and also as well as choose something you love like and enjoy. Yo have actually chosen very carefully meticulously and also as well as have actually now created produced developed a lucrative profitable financially rewarding Online marketing company, the old aged saying proverb, “Do something you love like enjoy and also never ever seem like you have actually worked functioned a day in your life” will quickly rapidly swiftly promptly be your destiny fate.

Thanks many thanks for reading. I wish you received obtained some keys secrets tricks and also as well as strategies techniques methods.



Sep 20

By the time we reach our 50s and 60s

Getting old isn´t the end of the world-

Getting old can be the beginning  of a new life

When we are images ferðalög 3 born, we all  are alike.

By the time we reach our 50s and 60s, we have grown apart.
Each people has our own distant abilities and experiences, obtained with a lifetime of effort and determination.

Some of us have actually been married multiple times.

Others have remained single.

We are business people and doctors, scientists and personal trainers, teachers and stay-at-home parents.

So, it is somewhat surprising that our mental blocks to starting a business after 50 are strikingly similar.

Let’s explore some of the fears that older adults have as they think about how to supplement their income.

Are You Ready to Learn a new things About Products and Techniques for Older Women? “I’m too old” NO NO

This basic fear is also one of the most dangerous? Why? Because it operates on a subconscious level.

There are so many stereotypes about older people and, whether we know it or not, they have a powerful impact on our self-image.

Think about it.

How are older people usually portrayed in magazines on TV, and in everyday conversation?

We are almost always presented as mentally slow, tired and, when writers are trying to be kind, “aging gracefully.”

The problem is that these stereotypes are, at best, outdated.

9323637The great majority of 50 and 60 year old are at the top of their game.
Older adults have almost every advantage when it comes to starting a business.
So, my advice is to ignore the myths about aging.
Make an honest assessment of your goals and your skills and start making positive steps today to build the future that you want. ”
Financial advisers correctly point out that the earlier you start saving, the easier your retirement will be.

But, this isn’t the same as saying that we can’t do anything to impact our financial future in retirement.

If anything, building alternative sources of income is more important for older adults than it is for younger adults.

ClickHandler.ashxThe reason is simple. If you are in your 50sand 60s it is unlikely that you will be able to save thousands before you are persuades to retire. On the other hand, it is absolutely possible for the majority of older adults to create a side income of few thousands a month or more through freelancing or product creation.

If you are already in your 50s or 60s, you no longer have the option to “start saving early.” You are where you are. But, you can “start supplementing early.”

The sooner you start building the skills and contacts that you need to make extra money in retirement, the most successful you will be.


To Your Freedom,





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Aug 21

Make Money by Posting Pictures

LeafItBrandAd3a-150x150Leafit App Review: Make Money by Posting Pictures

In this special Leafit Review, I will be addressing your concerns like what is Leafit, Inc.? I will do my best to inform you about the bad and the good points of this new social network to assist you to make a decision concerning if this is something for you or not? Kindly check out the complete review for much better understanding.


What is Leaf-it Inc, and how does the App work?

Leaf-it is a social media network that permits you to publish picture and make cash from it. It is easy, sign up with the Leaf-It social network for free as an Affiliate, Snap It, tag it and share it.


You can also sign up as a distributor with this new network. A distributor (Associate) opens added revenues potential within a 3 x 9 Forced Matrix and 9 levels of Sales Commissions from all direct Sales.


This will certainly be the easiest method to generate income online now and in the future.


Leaf-it social Network works on computer systems in addition on smartphone with their mobile app “it”. Now let´s talk about the features of this new social network in details.


  • “Snap it” You are going to share a picture, you can take a photo, or  you can use one you currently have or simply find one online.
  • “Tag it” When you post the photo you will be asked to tag service or product within the image. The system will then browse over 19000+ retailers and find the ensured least expensive rate for that services or product which tag is linked to your picture.
  • “Share it” When you publish the image on Leaf – it, it will be shared in all of your linked social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to it then you can easily share your content on those network.
  • You can also see your feeds from other connected network inside the Leaf – it social network system and the “it” mobile app.
  • Another vital feature of this app is that you can tag products in your good friends posts on another network, when you do that the system will send out a message to that person asking if they wish to divide a commission for that product. This facet will certainly help you grow your Leaf – it Network very quick.

Explanation on how you can make money with this new Social Network?

To participate in the system you can choose from two levels of membership:


To become Associate: One time payment $149 and then $49/month.



  • The App.
  • Access to the iGrow University Education, OMCP Certificate.

Become Affiliate: Free membership.

  • Product: The App.
  • Way to earn from the App: Make Money from pictures you share on social media.
  • Tools: Website and the Affiliate Back Office.
  • You can upgrade to become Associate at any time if you like.

The Tools:

  • Website and Associate Back Office
  • Sales Funnels
  • Daily Webinars
  • Auto-responders
  • Sales Training

4 ways to profit:

  • 3 x 9 Forced Matrix
  • 9 Generation Uni-level
  • Evergreen Check Match
  • 9 Generation of eCommerce Sales

Distributors have access to an unequaled opportunity. The Leaf-it Compensation Plan is a Network Marketing opportunity that is both effective and basic in it’s revenues capacity. An Associate opens extra revenues capacity within the 3 x 9 Forced Matrix, 9 Generation Uni-level, Evergreen Check Match and 9 levels of Sales Commissions from all direct Sales.


I recommend that you join as an affiliate for free and try it yourself. Remember, If you like Leaf-it you can upgrade any time.

If you really want to earn a reasonable income, now is the perfect time to lock your position as an associate and start buiding your Leaf-it network for only $40 per month.


To Your Success,





Taken from an article from Krisján Sigurjónsson.

Aug 15

Organic Beauty

The Best Moisturizers are Oils

I advise organic lovers to keep it simple when it comes to moisturizing and stick to oils.

Extra virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, olive oil and really, any sort of oil, work great to hydrate skin both on your face and body.

More people tod61+i7-OzuVL._SL1500_ay than ever are interested in organic beauty and concerned about what they put on their skin.

We try to eat healthy and we drag ourselves to the gym, pilates or yoga so of course we want to make sure our skin isn’t soaking up potentially cancer-causing chemicals that we unknowingly put on our faces, our bodies and our scalps.

Just Because Something is Organic, Doesn’t Mean it’s Good for You


Not all organic products are going to work for everyone. While anything containing coconut oil, aloe vera, chamomile and green teas are safe for you, some oils can exacerbate acne or pimples if you have oily skin.

Products derived from fruits can sting the skin and may cause rashes or sensitivities.
The great news is there are bundles of fabulous organic products on the market today.

But which products can you trust? And what’s really organic?

It’s important to know your skin and what works and doesn’t work for you.


Accept Noting Less Than The Very Best!






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Aug 11

Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask

Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask + FREE BONUS EBOOK! - Ancient Natural Facial Mask and Skin Care Treatment for Women, Men and Teens – Organic Mud Mask Offers Gentle Facial Cleanser, Exfoliator & Natural Moisturizer to Restore Your Skin’s Natural Radiance – This Renowned Anti-Aging Mud Mask Heals Dry & Oily Skin, Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis – Leaves You With a Youthful-Looking, Radiant ComplexionMASKI 4


  • DEAD SEA MUD HAS BEEN RENOWNED FOR CENTURIES AS A NATURAL BEAUTY REMEDY! – Dead Sea Mud contains more than 21 skin-reviving minerals including magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium. These essential minerals are present in our bodies, but are lost as we get older. These minerals are known to treat, detoxify, and cleanse our skin, to keep it looking young and refreshed
  • THE BENEFITS OF THIS MUD MASK ARE COUNTLESS! Anti-aging properties tighten pores promoting young, healthy natural skin. Rich Dead Sea minerals clean, heal, soften and revitalize your skin for an all-day glow. Organic essential oils moisturize and hydrate your skin, helping to reduce wrinkles
  • WE USE ONLY THE PUREST INGREDIENTS – Why compromise your health with products that contain chemicals? Our Dead Sea Mud Mask contains only 100% pure, natural and certified organic ingredients – free of sulfates, phosphates and parabens. cruelty free, vegan certified. PURCHASE TODAY AND RECEIVE OUR FREE BONUS EBOOK: THE NATURAL SKIN CARE GUIDE ($29.99 VALUE)


Accept nothing less than the very best!


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Jul 09

Health Is Wealth

For a long time, I didn’t understand the significance of this statement. Or I should say that I had only a superficial understanding of this message. Recently,

I had been to a doctor’s clinic for a consultation. This doctor had displayed several interesting statements about health.

One of them said: Wealth can’t buy you health. But health can buy wealth.

hjarta  How true! It is in this context that health can be compared to wealth.

We can say good health is the foundation on which our life is built.

Obviously, if the foundation is weak, the building will collapse. Looking at another way, health can be considered an asset we possess.

We may have many assets like a house, a car, investments etc.

But health is the most precious of all of them.

The other assets will be useful to us only if the asset called health is sound.

We have millionaires and billionaires in this world whose state of health will not permit them to taste the food they love or to travel to the places they would love to visit.

On the other hand, a poor man with a limited income will be able to savor his favorite dishes if he keeps well.

But the surprising thing is many people neglect to take care of their health.

We have a tendency to take things for granted as long as the going is good.

We will pay attention to anything only when there is a problem.

Maintaining health is very important and if you fail to do so, you may end up with some problem.

Getting treatment for curing an illness is something forced on us when we fail to do things for maintaining our health.

The proverb ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is more appropriate for health than for any other situation. What can you do to maintain good health?  make living easy for you. matur

1) Control your diet: Controlling diet does not mean restricting eating. It simply means to apply your mind to what you eat. It is possible to choose a healthy diet and still eat well. Take care to include certain items of food and limit certain other items. You can consult a nutritionist or a diet consultant or you can get information from a lot of books and websites on this subject.

2) Keep fit: You can keep fit by doing some exercises regularly. Making exercises a part of your life will obviate the need for getting forced to do some specific exercises after you encounter a problem.

3) Have periodical check ups: A system of periodical medical check ups will keep you informed of your state of health. You can take preventive steps depending on your health condition. Any incipient problem can be detected early and treated easily by choosing to go for regular medical check ups.

Health is no Joke,

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Jun 18




ordermac2In 2009,Angela Logan, a model and actress lost her job.
Her talent agency had closed without paying her money she was owed.
To make long story short, she was about to lose her home to
A single mother of tree sons, what to do? One day gazing down
at an apple cake she just whipped up for her boys- a friend’s
recipe she perfected with whole wheat flour, aromatic spices,
and more cream cheese in the frosting.

She though,what if I sold these?

Her sons loved the cakes and friends ask her for the cake
for parties. If she could sell 100 cakes for $40 each in ten days,
she could secure a loan modification and save her house.

Yes Logan’s Apple Cakes is now a thriving business.
Instead of planning for retirement,Logan is baking day and night
in a rented commercial kitchen
Eventually she hops to use her profits to save the home of one
stranger per month.
“Apples save my Home” she says “so apples are what I work with.”
HER ADVICE ON STARTING A BUSINESS :“At 4 A.M., when you’re so tired
that your head almost hits the table, it’s essential to be doing
something you really love.”


“When I was younger,I might have been too embarrassed to
swallow my pride and ask people I know to buy my products.
But I taught my children to never be ashamed of hard, honest
work.Now I can take my own advice”-Stephanie Krikorin


I love this story that tell us we can chance all if we are doing  what we  love

to do in to profitable business.


Have a beautiful day.

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